Hall Booking CHarges

Room to HireParty Rate p/hNormal rate p/hCharity rate p/h
Sanctuary & Café£51.70£36.75£25.20
Middle Hall£22.00£14.70£10.50
Middle Hall & Café£47.30£31.50£25.20
Small Annexe£22.00£14.70£10.50
Large Annexe£31.50£25.20£21.00
Whole Annexe£44.00£36.75£26.25
Whole Building£77.00£63.00£52.50

Conditions of Use
All users will be asked to sign a contract of use.

Church Use – there may be occasions (funerals or times during school holidays) when the church require use of the building when a hirer would usually meet. In such circumstances the group will be given notice and refunded for the period.

Soft Play – We ask that all users read and abide by the height restrictions and rules. Please note that the church cannot take responsibility for injury caused.

Kitchen – Food and Drink / Food safety
Access to the kitchen for hot water or simple activities such as preparing a snack for children (to be discussed in advance) is usually included in the hire cost. Cooking should be arranged / discussed in advance. Please follow any guidance in the kitchen. Children are not allowed in the kitchen.

The church does not have a licence so alcohol cannot be sold on the premises and no alcohol is to be consumed on the premises.

Gambling is not permitted.

No animals are permitted in the building, with the exception of assistance dogs.

Lighting / Heating
Included in the cost of the hire is lighting and heating and access to hot water.

Any damage to the premises caused by hirers shall be paid for by them.

Public Liability Insurance
Users of the church should ensure they have adequate public liability insurance in place.

Setting / Clearing up
We expect users to leave the rooms they use in the condition they found them. Please advise if a room was not in left in an acceptable condition.
Access to the room will be available 15 minutes before the booking. Additional setting up and clearing up time should be included in the period that you book.

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