What to expect

Coming along to church for the first time can be a bit nerve wracking especially when you don’t know anyone or what to expect.  There is no need to be nervous or anxious about coming to Dunfermline East and we hope that you will quickly feel at home and welcome.  

Here is some information about what we do on a Sunday morning and what you can expect …

  • We meet at 10am every week.
  • Each Sunday there are usually around 150 people who meet together – roughly 100 adults and 50 children.
  • Children are very welcome and we want them to feel part of the church as much as the adults. There is a creche and Sunday club available after the first part of the service.
  • There is no need to to dress up and the service is pretty relaxed and informal.   You can also sit where ever you want.
  • We have a music group who lead the singing of a mix of traditional hymns and modern songs and the words will come up on the large screens.
  • The first part of the service will usually include everyone – during this we will sing and have a prayer and normally have a focus for that day – this might be an interview, a children’s talk, a book review, hearing about something the Sunday Club have been learning about, highlighting the work of a Christian organisation or a baptism/thanksgiving.   At around 10.30 the young folks go off to Sunday Club in their various locations.
  • During the second half of the service we will quite often spend time in prayer for others and this is followed by a bible reading and a “sermon” or talk.  We believe that God speaks to us through the Bible and that it is as relevant to us today as it ever was and so we focus on seeking to understand what the Bible says and what it means for us today.    We seek to do this in a way that doesn’t presume any prior knowledge of Christianity and the Bible.
  • Our service usually ends around 11.10 and most folks stay for tea and coffee in the cafe area.

Everyone is welcome at Dunfermline East and we would love to see you on any Sunday at 10am – just come as you are!


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