What’s on..

During the week we encourage folk to be involved in a smaller group (of around 4 – 10 people) – a Home Group.  This is a way to encourage friendship within our church community but also for folks to study the bible or a christian book or a dvd course together and begin to learn to pray together.  We aim that these groups are open and honest, plenty of room for questioning and wrestling with the questions that come with the christian faith.  If you’d like to try out a group or find out more speak to Andrew, our minister.

Kingdom Women” has been going almost since our church began and is a monthly fun get-together for the ladies!  We’ve a varied programme from Champagne and Chocolate evenings, to Jamie-at-Home, to Hot Tub Evenings!

The Music Group is always on the lookout for new folk to help out with leading the Sunday worship by singing up front or playing an instrument.  We practise at 9am Sunday mornings for those who are on duty that week (ask Dave for an alarm call!).

We are keen to support folk who want to explore the Christian Faith with no-strings-attached and so can run an Alpha Course or similar when we are aware that this would be helpful to folks.   If you’d like to be notified of the “taster session” for our next course please let us know.

We enjoy other stuff too.. barbecues and picnics, curry nights, fun nights for the kids, checkout our latest newsletter to find out more..

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