Easter Big Sing

One of the aspects of church life that most of us have missed most over the past year is being able to sing together as a church family, and it is likely to be a wee while yet before we can do so again. It has been fantastic though to have contributions over the year from the Bowlerwells and the rest of the music group with the songs that they have produced and contributed to from their different homes. It’s great to have the songs that we can sing along to as well as to see the faces of others in the church family.

We thought that it would be great for Easter Sunday to put together a song that has contributions from as many people in the church family as possible!  
This will involve recording yourself singing along to a backing track and then sending it to us. It would be really great if you could be part of this and the details of how you can do so is below.

It doesn’t matter in the slightest whether you think you are a great or a terrible singer and you can sing as loud or softly as you feel comfortable – or even mouth the words if you would prefer! By the time John has worked his magic to blend all the voices together it will make a glorious sound and individual voices won’t be heard. We would simply love to have as many faces as possible.

The closing date for videos to be sent to John Bowlerwell will be the 20th March so that he has time to edit the song for the Easter day. The recordings don’t have to be perfect – John can chop out the bits at the start/end where you switch your device on,  etc.

How to record yourself
You will need 2 devices e.g. mobile phone, tablet etc.
The first device will enable you to play the backing track through earphones which you will sing or mouth along to.
The other device will be used to video yourself singing.  This should be propped up on a surface at a short distance from you (not held by hand) and should film in landscape (not portrait).  (Please note that it is important that you listen to the backing track on earphones so it cannot be heard in the recording)
The backing track can be found here and the words of the hymn can be found here

Once you have your recording then please send it to us by email or whatsapp. Please contact us below in order to get contact details and also if you have any technical questions.

We look forward to the different contributions and it will be one way in which can worship God together on Easter morning.

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