CHURCH Newsletter

Hello everyone,

I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy the good weather of the last couple of weeks and to get some rest after a stressful and difficult few months.

On Sunday in the livestream I mentioned that we were hoping to start in person services this Sunday along with the continuing our online service and here are some further details. 

In-person Service
Over the past 16 months we have been unable to have an in-person service on a Sunday morning but now that restrictions have been relaxed this is now possible and we will have a service at 10am from this Sunday. 

  • Physical distancing of 1m between households will be in place.  We have set up the church with rows 1m apart and different households in each row will be separated by 2 empty chairs.
  • Face coverings will need to be worn by those aged 5 upwards unless you/they are exempt from doing so.
  • We are allowed to sing! 
  • There will be an all-ages together Sunday Club for children aged 4-11 (approx) in the annexe from part way through the service. 
  • There will be no formal creche, however, the back hall will be available with toys and an audio stream from the service. 
  • Children under 12 are not required to socially distance but we would encourage children to stay within their household as far as possible during the service   
  • We are unable to serve tea and coffee in the usual way and so chat after the service will need to be outside/in the park
  • Numbers will be restricted and folks will have to sign-up to attend.  This can be done HERE and you can sign up from 9am on Wednesday morning.
  • All adults will be asked to give their details for the Test and Protect programme
  • If the service is full then please sign up to the waiting list – it is very possible that spaces will become available and if not we will seek to make sure that those on the waiting list are able to attend the following week. 
  • Prior to the service those who have signed up will receive an email that indicates a time slot for arriving (9.45/9.50/9.55) .  This will prevent the usual last minute rush!

We are really looking forward to the opportunity to meet again on a Sunday morning!

Online Service
We appreciate that for a variety of reasons not everyone will be able to be part of the in-person service and so we’ll continue to have our online service at 10am on Youtube/Facebook.    This will be pre-recorded and the main elements (bible reading, message etc) will be the same as the in person service. This will give continuity and mean that whether we are meeting in person or online that we have a sense of belonging and being part of the church family.

If you have any questions about these plans, or anything else, then please get in touch. It would be great to hear from you!

Going forward we will be reviewing how things go from week to week along with taking into account any changes that the Government announce. We are also looking at how the Sunday Club groups might return in August and will provide an update as soon as we can. 

As we make this transition do pray for all the logistics and planning behind it, and for those who will be helping in different ways.  Pray also that whether we are attending an in-person service or worshipping online that we will continue to know that sense of being part of one church, the body of Christ.

Your friend,

Andrew Morrice

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